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Cabinet light

Special lamps referred to as cabinet lights for cabinets, originated from the 80 's of the last century. The United States lighting designer Bentley. Mick was first applied in their wedding. Amber works. Bentley. Mick has always been advocating different lights have different capabilities, and will create different spatial effect. Some lights have only specific features, others are multi-purpose. In fact, housing many of the areas that need to be equipped with two different lamps:

Cabinet lights are mainly used for Cabinet lighting and decoration. There are five species respectively for Cabinet lighting, operation within countertop and sink, hanging lighting under Cabinet lights lamps, layer lamp, drawer cabinets with lighting, lighting.

Cabinet light after years of development has shifted from simple quartz lamp (lighting) to today, has achieved the cabinets each with special lighting. Also from the halogen light source, the development of fluorescent light, LED light source today. Really meet the safety, energy saving and environmental protection needs. Cabinet light material with aluminum alloy and PC plastic.