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Cleaning matters

Because of the high ceiling hung in, lampshades, lamps and easily broken, so when removing lamp cover, as far as possible two people tie; prior to demolition, first turn off the power, do not scrub the base with a damp cloth, to prevent leakage.

Ceiling lamp shade of clean, according to ceiling lamp shade material of different, also has different of cleaning method: cloth quality shade, first with small vacuum cleaner sucking off surface dust, then pour some wash clean fine scrub; if shade inside is paper quality material, should avoid directly using detergent, case damaged, with dry cloth wipe a again can; frosted glass shade with soft cloth dipped toothpaste clean, bump at of dirt available soft cloth package toothpick processing.

Lamp above the dirt cleaned, dust removal of the surface, with a cloth damped a little more toothpaste to clean, do not allow water to remain in the socket.

When scrubbing the ceiling should be made of light cotton socks or cotton gloves on the hands, gently wipe the lamp, do not arbitrarily move lamps inside the parts. After the cleaning is completed, as is the lamp installed and not missing or wrong loaded parts.