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Development history

1. background light and diffuse light can create a relaxed and soothing atmosphere, suitable for large spaces, such as the living room.

2. direct solar energy gathered light, high brightness, lamp function like this in General, applicable to the lighting of the work area.

3. lamp is low light cue lights, suitable for home, doorbells, etc.

4. decorative lamp pendant lamp, HID lamp and so on, are aimed at beautifying the space, emphasizing the atmosphere.

Bentley. Mick after extensive observation of housing feature found in each region worked up the work area in the kitchen is the family life, but also the family gathering place of nutritional supplements, and we work day back home in the first leg. Can lights in the kitchen to create a relaxed atmosphere, soothing feeling that we can have a good start. At this special work and entertainment areas, the lights must have two different functions. Work lights while you work, raise the attention. Dining entertainment with regional bright lights and decorative ambient lights can add atmosphere to the dining.

Local lights above the table, to soften ambient light, focusing attention on the work bench. Helped cook put the cooking process, enjoy the fun of cooking. Cabinets wall cabinets and Cabinet in natural light or kitchen light, some dark areas will also be present, Cabinet lights to make up for the lack of Cabinet light. Hanging cabinet doors are glass translucent material, light transmission of light through the door out of the Cabinet to form a decorative background light. Time when people ate in the kitchen, cabinets gives local lighting and the background light will form elegant ambient light, you can add a romantic interest for the atmosphere, improve mood.