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Development of ceiling lamps

Ceiling lamp market development is divided into three phases: first, "sales, the production can't keep up with" second "brand has many, each with its" three "more competitive, we grab the cake."

Although the ceiling market appears to be thriving, market capacity is no less, but the ceiling lamps market with some "bubble color", many small and medium enterprises free of development, marketing, is constantly disrupting the normal economic order; there are some elements of medium business products aside, specializing in marketing, so easy to break into an error--because it is the basis of marketing. Of ceiling lamp from the national quality inspection departments in recent years quality sampling checks can also be seen, Ceiling lamps businesses focus on price, rather than the product itself, quality of ceiling lamps is worrying and give consumers enormous personal and property safety hazards.

Most of the ceiling lamp Enterprise missing the two main elements: technical personnel and equipment. Enterprises should rethink their strengths and shortcomings, only solid Enterprise Foundation, surely, will not be eliminated by the market competition situation.

Smart Bluetooth music ceiling lamp, developed as a new type of intelligent home also slowly to use mobile APP control, music can be played online, and local music, there are any dimmer palette, 256-color atmosphere lamp, timer switch light, both stylish and fun, and has now been widely accepted by the public.