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Functional division

Different light source lamp the application places are different, such as the use of incandescent, fluorescent lamps are mainly used for home, classrooms, offices and other space height is 4 meters location lighting; power and light bulky high-intensity gas-discharge lamps are mainly used for sports venues, stores and factories and other places such as layer 4 to 9 meters high lighting. In order to get enough height for face, while also saving, fluorescent ceiling lamp is usually first choice for lighting homes, schools, shops and offices.

Appearance Division

Ceiling lamps commonly used are: cover ceiling lamp, ball lamp, pointed oval ceiling half flat, half round ceiling lamp, ball lamp ceiling lamp, small rectangular cover.

LED ceiling light is adsorbed to or embed the roof ceiling lighting, and chandeliers and home lighting, are homes, offices, entertainment venues and other places often use lighting. LED ceiling lamp diameter 200mm lamps suitable for corridors, bathroom use, and 400mm are mounted on top of no less than 16 square meters room. LED ceiling lamp on the market common d-shaped tube and annular tube pipe size difference. When purchasing LED ceiling light to three. See product identification is complete, formal identification of the product is often more specifications should be identified: trademark and company name, product type, rated voltage, rated frequency, rated power. Two-line luminaire CCC safety certification mark, the external wire cross-sectional area shall be ≥ 0.75 square mm. Three lights charged body exposed, light when the lamp is loaded, fingers should not be touched charged metal lamp.