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Built-in energy saving bulbs, as long as the three smaller lithium-ion batteries, even if long continuous use or lamp overheating occurs. LED Candle Lights, including candle-shaped body, and placed within the lamp connected to the lamp holder and lamp body, luminous, is characterized in that the light is LED,LED the two electrodes and connected to the electrodes of the lamp.


Due to the LED as light, candle lamps are energy saving, and long service life, high brightness uniform, light effects, while also having light without use made of glass vacuum bulb, you can use plastic and other materials, this body is also less susceptible to damage, much more durable.

Warm tips

Lamp in normal and power of the State, life of 100,000 hours, light bulbs for the built-in and cannot be replaced.

Candle LED

85-265V voltage, beautifully designed elegant, durable, used for upholstery, its transparent glass lamp shade, shape style of candle flame,

LED high power 3W candle bulbs imported highlighted chips can replace 25W incandescent bulb. Quality 50000h