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Standard installation

(1) when installed in a masonry ceiling lamp should be used embedded bolts or expansion bolts, nylon or plastic plug fixed; do not use wood wedges. And the fixed bearing capacity should match the weight of the ceiling lamp. To ensure that the ceiling is reliable, dependable, and extending their service life.

(2) when the expansion bolts are used, select bolt specification according to technical requirements, the borehole diameter and depth to match bolt specifications.

(3) fixed lamp bolt of number not should less than lamps base Shang of fixed hole number, and bolt diameter should and aperture match; base Shang no fixed installation hole of lamps (installation Shi itself playing hole), each lamps for fixed of bolt or screws not should less than 2 a, and lamps of gravity to and bolt or screws of gravity phase anastomosis; only Dang insulation Taiwan of diameter in 75mm and the following Shi, only can used 1 a bolt or screws fixed.

(4) the ceiling cannot be directly installed on combustible objects, some families for beauty with painted plywood lining behind the ceiling, in fact it is dangerous, heat insulation measures must be taken; when the lamp surface temperature near combustible materials, insulation or heat sink measures should be taken.

(5) the ceiling before installation check: ① to each lamp wire line core section, and cords with copper conductors not smaller than 0.4 mm, copper conductor not smaller than 0.5 square millimeter, or wire must be replaced. ② wires and lamp connection, lamp connections between parallel conductors should be strong, electrical contacts should be good, lest the poor contact there sparks between conductors and terminals, and dangerous.