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Lighting low voltage, high voltage two types of consumers the best low voltage lighting, long life, high luminous efficiency. Spotlights efficiency high and low power factor reflected greater efficiency power factor better, ordinary spotlights the power factor of 0.5 per cent, cheap, quality spotlights the power factor of 0.99 per cent, prices are slightly more expensive.

Spotlight on enhanced lighting used for decoration in General, is usually embedded into the ceiling or in the wall spot light work will generally be issued a high temperature, so be sure to buy quality products, otherwise there will be a security risk.

Spotlights used to use with transformer, lights should also choose a good quality, or spotlights lamp beads are very easily broken, think, spotlights in ceiling lights, replacement but rather cumbersome.

Lighting quality on the market, it will be hard to tell with the naked eye, so buy spotlights the best choice-brand products, and select the matching quality transformers.