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A lot of people are not easy to distinguish between lamp and lighting, home decoration, downlights and spotlights have different uses, simply put, is a relatively ordinary wall mounted downlight more concentrated lighting of lamps, are generally used for general lighting or auxiliary lighting. Spotlight is a highly concentrated light, its light is to specify a specific goal. Is mainly used for special lighting, for example, highlighting a very tasty and innovative place. On our light sources, location, and price comparison the distinction between the two characteristics of the lamp.

1, light

Lamp can be installed incandescent or install energy-saving lamps. Incandescent lamp is yellow, install energy-saving light bulb types can be either white or yellow. Ceiling lamp light direction is not adjustable. We can directly see the CFL downlight, and added a waterproof waterproof lamp which is outside the glass.

General household lighting use a quartz bulb or bulb. Of course, the large spotlights are not necessarily quartz bulbs. Quartz bulbs only yellow light. And the General lighting light direction can be adjusted freely.

2, the application location

Tube lamp was installed inside the ceiling, ceiling needs 150mm can wear. Down lights also have an external type. In the absence of light or chandelier region downlight installed is a good choice, Ray relative to the lighting should be soft.

Spotlights can be divided into rail-mounted, hanging type and embedded type and so on. Spot lights with transformers, but without transformer. Embedded lights can be mounted on the ceiling. Lights are mainly used for emphasis or manifestation. TV wall, paintings, jewelry and so on, you can hit aura to enhance the effect.