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G9 LED Light Widely Used

Led in fact more suitable for commercial, such as shopping malls, warehouses, billboards and so on, used for home improvement is not very obvious advantages, G9 LED Light but the shortcomings should be considered.

We'll take LEDs and fluorescent energy-saving lamps to compare. LED light source is the advantage of the theory of long life, indeed than energy-saving lamps can be at least a long $number times the service life; energy saving power from the same light brightness in fact, G9 LED Light the use of electricity is similar to the possibility of a light bulb one years can not save a few dollars in electricity bills.

Let's look at the disadvantage of LED light source. Low-priced LED quality worrying (like Osram this is very expensive), color difference, light exposure to look at the color distortion, G9 LED Light there are stroboscopic, dazzle the problem, the human eye is not very suitable for LED light, long-time LED lighting in the environment under the eyes will be uncomfortable, eye fatigue; most LEDs are white with higher color temperature, the problem of Blue eye injury (of course not too long to look directly at the problem), G9 LED Light and the quality of the LED light source is really expensive.

Therefore, my personal suggestion is the living room, dining room, bedroom and other main lighting or fluorescent energy-saving lamps, local decorative lighting can use LED light source. In addition, the reading table lamp must not choose LED, although many so-called eye protection lamp is LED light source, G9 LED Light if really must choose not to buy too cheap. Reading lamp can choose halogen tungsten light source or three-color fluorescent energy-saving lamps, color temperature 4000-5000k appropriate, no stroboscopic.

The original LED used as the indicator light source for instrumentation, G9 LED Light and then a variety of light color led in traffic lights and large-scale display screen has been widely used, resulting in good economic and social benefits. For example, a 12-inch red traffic light, in the United States is originally a long life, low light efficiency of the 140-watt incandescent lamp as a light source, it produces 2000 lumens of white. After the red filter, the light loses 90%, leaving only 200 lumens of red. In the new design of the lamp, G9 LED Light lumileds company used 18 red LED light source, including circuit losses, a total power consumption of 14 watts, you can produce the same light effect. The automobile lamp is also an important field of LED light source application.

For general lighting, people need a white light source. 1998 White light LED development success. G9 LED Light The LEDs are packaged with GAN chips and yttrium aluminum garnet (YAG). Gan Chip Hair blue (λp=465nm, wd=30nm), high-temperature sintering of ce3+-containing YAG phosphors stimulated by this blue light after emitting a yellow laser, peak 550nLED lamp m. The Blu-ray led substrate is mounted in a bowl-shaped reflector, G9 LED Light covered with a thin layer of resin mixed with YAG, about 200-500nm. LED substrate emitted by the blue part of the phosphor absorption, another part of the blue and phosphor emitting yellow light mixture, you can get white light.

For Ingan/yag White LED, G9 LED Light by changing the chemical composition of the YAG phosphors and adjust the thickness of the phosphor layer, you can get color temperature 3500-10000k colored white light. G9 LED Light This method of white light through the blue led, simple structure, low cost, high technical maturity, so the use of the most.