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1, the process flow:

Lights, lighting installation → led off the distribution → test light

2, lamp, lamp installation:

1) as designed to measure lamp (lamp) installation height, draw a mark on the pole.

2) lights, lamps and lanterns hanging on the pole (heavier lights, lamps using pulleys, rope hanging on the pole), wear a hoop, or bolts, finding a good angle according to design requirements, found after the fair, will frame fastened good.

3) line installation of lamps should be consistent in its elevation, neat.

3, connecting line: the PIN insulator fixed on the frame, one end of the wire in the insulator bind well back and connect with the lamp cord, fuse, respectively. Rubber cloth and black cloth overlap half the dressing layer. Then, the other end of the wire taut, and connects to the street after the winding route back.

4 of phase line should be equipped with fuses, lamps, and the phase line should be connected the Center Terminal Screw base.

5, lines and street lamps line connection points from the bar Center should be 400~600mm, and bilateral symmetry.

6, there should be joint downlead volley, should not exceed 4m in length, more than to be a fixed point or to use steel wire.

7, wires out of lights at the soft plastic and waterproof and bends.

8, try the light: all installation work has been completed, transmission, pilot lights, and adjust the lighting angle.