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LED Bulb Energy Efficiency Limits And Energy Efficiency

LED Bulb Lamp's scientific name is from the town flow led lamp, its energy efficiency level already has the national standard, LED Bulb namely "The general illumination uses the non directional from the town flow led lamp energy efficiency limit and the energy efficiency grade" GB 30255-2013, its energy efficiency grade divides into 3 levels, among which the energy efficiency is highest is 1

Initial light effect: the ratio of initial luminous flux to actual power, LM;

Tone code: Color temperature code, that is 65 6500K, 50 for 5000K, 40 4000K, 35 for 3500K, 30 for 3000K, 27 for 2700-2700 color coordinates close to Planck curve, color temperature 2700K;

Full distribution Light: beam angle greater than 180 °. 0 ° 135 ° region of any angle of light intensity and the entire region of the average light intensity deviation within the 20 ° Sian 180 ° LED Bulb region of the luminous flux should not be less than 5% of the total luminous flux.

Semi-light: beam angle greater than 180 °, light distribution does not conform to the "full light" type.

Quasi-full distribution light: Non-directional illumination type of light beam angle not greater than 180 °.

From the table:

1, high color temperature of the bulb light efficiency is higher than the low color temperature, high about 10% or so;

2, Level 1 of light efficiency close to grade 3 twice times;

3, semi-distribution light/quasi-total distribution of light efficiency is higher than the total distribution of about 15%.

Recommended use of energy-efficient LED bulb lamp, LED Bulb Grade 3 is the minimum requirements, must meet. This table is suitable for the LED bulb lamp with rated power 2w, rated voltage 220V, rated frequency 50Hz.

LED bulb Lighting The biggest market is the civilian market, and the public use the most is spherical lamp cannon, so LED bulb lamp is the replacement of the traditional incandescent bulbs of the new green light source, because the people used the ball bulb, in order to do a better job of the fourth generation of green lighting light source, this replacement of the shape of incandescent bulbs also uses spherical design, LED Bulb green constant-ming photoelectric production LED bulb lamp lamp is also used in the spiral pattern, since 2011 lighting use LED bulb LED chip production, In order to prevent glare problems, the shell is usually produced using glass or acrylic. Can be directly driven by mains, most products with wide voltage input, can be input from the Ac8 269v.