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Led Bulb Energy Saving Effect

led bulb Traditional incandescent lamps (tungsten) have high energy consumption, short life, under the global resource tension under the environment, has gradually been banned by governments, the replacement of the product is electronic energy-saving lamps, electronic energy-saving lamps, led bulb although the improvement of energy-saving effect, but because of the use of a lot of heavy metal pollution environment, and contrary to the trend of environmental protection. With the rapid development of LED technology LED lighting gradually become a new green lighting of choice. Led in the luminous principle, energy-saving, environmental protection on the level is far superior to traditional lighting products.

LED Bulb lamp adopts the existing interface mode, namely, the screw mouth, the socket Way (E26, etc.), even in order to conform to people's use of the habit of imitating the shape of incandescent bulbs. Based on the light-emitting principle of LED unidirectional, led bulb the designer made a change in the structure of the lamp to make the light distribution curve of the LED bulb basically converge with the point light source of the incandescent lamp.

Based on led light-emitting characteristics, LED bulb light structure to be relatively complex incandescent lamp, basically divided into light source, led bulb drive circuit, heat sink, these parts of the joint to create low energy consumption, long-life, high light efficiency and environmental protection LED bulb lamp products. Therefore, LED lighting products in terms of the present, is still a high technical content of High-tech lighting products.

1, the Lamp bead: uses the LED lamp bead, led bulb the light is soft, the spectrum is pure, luminous efficiency is high, the traditional energy-saving lamp luminous efficiency is 50-60lm, and LED bulb lamp reaches 90-100lm.

2, Lampshade: The use of intelligent led optical lampshade made of light transmittance of up to 95%, illuminance uniformity is good, no irritation to the eyes.

3. Heat dissipation device: The lamp shell is extruded by 6063 aluminum profile, and its heat dissipation and heat conduction performance are superior. The use of hollow heat conduction design, increased the heat conduction surface and air contact area, heat dissipation effect is good. led bulb And in the lamp bead and aluminum substrate contact surface using heat-transfer paste bonding, for the lamp bead cooling.

4, driving circuit: The first class complete isolation room design, with over voltage protection, over-current protection and short-circuit protection functions, safe and reliable.

5, lamp socket: Applicable to the global range of voltage, led bulb can be flexibly replaced for E27, E26, E14 and other different specifications of the lamp, easy to install.

6, light distribution technology: The use of advanced distribution technology, LED Point Light source to expand into led surface light source, increase the light-emitting surface, eliminate glare, sublimation visual effect.