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Led Bulb Haracteristics Of Quick Heat Conduction

LED bulbs are used in plastic packaging aluminum structure, led bulb fully combined with plastic insulation, corrosion resistance and the rapid thermal conductivity of aluminum, coupled with a unique air convection structure, so that more rapid heat dissipation, to ensure life expectancy, reduce light decay.

The market is common with milky white hood, transparent cover two kinds of materials, PC, glass, ceramics, silica gel.

Today, LED bulb lamp shade several PC hood best, led bulb translucent 85, light evenly, gentle, of course, the price is the most expensive.

RC Drive voltage fluctuation range is very narrow, encountered voltage instability, it is easy to burn. The new light source can be used in low voltage range for 100V-130V, led bulb high pressure range for 220-240V. The voltage is too high to burn, too low will darken, there is a strobe.

and IC driver can accept 10% voltage led bulb fluctuation range, usually can use low voltage range for 90-160V, high voltage range is 160-260V, no stroboscopic.

The main components of LED bulb lamp are: drive, lamp bead, lamp bead substrate, radiator, PC Hood, PBT shell, lamp holder.

2835 lamp bead is refers to the size of 3.5 (long) x2.8 (wide) x0.8 (thick) mm LED lamp bead, general 3W LED bulb lamp each 2835 lamp bead power for 0.2W,9W, 12W LED bulb led bulb lamp each 2835 lamp bead power is 0.5W.

5730 lamp bead refers to the size of 5.7 (long) x3.0 (wide) x0.8 (thick) mm LED lamp bead, General 5W, 7W LED bulb lamp each 5730 lamp bead power for 0.5W.

Compared to 5730 lamp beads, 2835 brightness, led bulb heat dissipation and other comprehensive performance better, 2835 in the LED industry has become a lamp, bulb lamp, panel lamps and other lamps designated LED lamp beads.

Packaging adopts color box packaging, indicating led bulb that the product can replace 25W incandescent lamp. The product life has also been explained in detail. Life expectancy is calculated on an average of 3.5 hours per day, unlike the average use of 2.7 hours per day for Philips.

Through the data: the basic parameters are in line with the led bulb requirements. Color temperature 2700K, closer to incandescent color temperature, luminous flux will be lower than 3000K. The PF value is greater than 0.5 and deserves praise. From the photo of the light, the angle led bulb of light is not 240 ° so large. Through the spectrum, it is still used in red fluorescent powder and yellow-green phosphor plus Blu-ray chips for white-light preparation, all photographed color somewhat red.