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LED Bulb Indispensable Role

With the development of social civilization, LED Bulb lighting products for human beings have experienced the development of incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp and energy-saving lamps, LED lights, they are for human production, life has played an indispensable role, and as the third generation of light LED lamp with energy-saving, longevity, environmental protection, small size and other advantages, LED Bulb is currently used to replace ordinary incandescent lamps, energy-saving lamps and fluorescent lamps more ideal light; many countries have banned the production of incandescent bulbs, and our country has listed incandescent lamps Energy-saving lamp of the delisting timetable, LED Bulb and vigorously promote the LED light source, after the LED will be a global market mass products, it will go into the world millions hundreds of households, and only the retail price to fluorescent lamps, energy-saving lamps can usher in a blowout-type development, accelerate the popularity of LED.

LED bulb mainly consists of the following parts: Led raw light source, power drive, cooling module, Shell and lamp:

(1) LED chip mainly by circular and rectangular, circular relatively low gear, performance is not stable, of course, the price of various manufacturers, performance difference is also greater.

(2) The Power drive is broadly divided into inexpensive drag-and-fall step-down power supply jacket heat shrinkable tube insulation, expensive power supply using isolation and non-isolated switching power supply high temperature insulating adhesive paper, and the two difference is whether the load end and 220V isolation, LED Bulb generally said that the non isolation is because there is no need to isolate transformers, LED Bulb so the cost is low, but the requirements of aluminum substrate pressure is high or the radiator may be charged, LED Bulb so it is not easy to pass safety inspection. The isolation is relatively safe and easy to pass, but at a higher cost.

(3) Heat dissipation: The bulb light is a big problem because of the limitation of volume. LED Bulb Either type of radiator can only rely on convection and radiation to the heat emitted into the air, and both of the ability to heat dissipation is proportional to its radiating area. LED Bulb At present, due to the low LED bulb power, the use of lower thermal conductivity of materials (engineering plastics and ceramics), LED Bulb or reduce the use of aluminum to design heat dissipation components to achieve its purpose.

LED bulb has a high light efficiency, greater security, longer life, LED Bulb from the market trend to see the next 3-5 years LED bulb will gradually replace incandescent bulbs, fluorescent lamps and energy-saving lamps, and the price is increasingly cheap, accepted by the public. LED light source technology and concepts have been widely available, the future direction of the development of lighting products will be more in the direction of product value extension. By realizing systematic energy conservation, for smart homes, LED Bulb intelligent city to provide more solutions; In addition, the current domestic market has maintained a huge demand, in the face of weak international markets, lighting enterprises can focus on the development of domestic markets, LED Bulb while improving the level of automation of manufacturing, improve manufacturing capacity and technology to reduce costs.