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Led Bulb Technological Development

In recent years, China's LED lighting technology has developed rapidly, LED bulb as one of the most common lighting fixtures, patent applications increased significantly, as of December 31, 2014, CNABS patent database disclosed in the invention of LED bulb A total of 1787 patents, utility model a total of 4456 patents.
China's LED bulb technology, the current status of the patent and the future development trend, for the relevant enterprises and individuals for technology research and development and patent applications The number of patent applications over the years, led bulb the amount of applications in 2007 - 2013 year by year substantial growth, the reasons for the following:
With the continuous improvement of China's economic development level, the awareness of intellectual property protection in the whole society has been gradually improved.
② China's government on the green lighting industry to implement a series of industrial support policies, such as the Ministry of Construction in 2006 promulgated the "Eleventh Five-Year" urban green lighting project planning ", in 2007 more than the joint introduction of" efficient lighting products to led bulb promote financial subsidies Interim Measures for Capital Management ", issued in 2011," "Eleventh Five-Year" urban green lighting program "and so on.
It can be seen that the utility model patent application is much larger than the invention patent, mainly because the LED bulb technology threshold is relatively low, led bulb bulb product replacement cycle is shorter, while the invention patent review cycle than the utility model patent, Therefore, the applicant choose to apply for utility model patents more, and the applicant in order to make its technology to be temporary protection, often in the application for invention patents also apply for utility models.
The main applicant information see, the applicant is mainly for domestic applicants, bulb light It can be seen, the Chinese government on the development of green lighting industry support, as well as enterprises in technological innovation has achieved remarkable results. However, the distribution of applicants in China is relatively scattered, and individuals apply more, this is because the LED bulb technical barriers are low, led bulb the regional / business development in the industry more balanced.
At present, the technology of LED bulb is mainly focused on: the whole lamp structure (F21S2 / 00), heat dissipation technology (F21S29 / 00), fixed assembly (F21V19 / 00, F21V17 / 00), circuit component arrangement (F21V23 / 00) And light distribution (F21V3 / 00, F21V7 / 00, F21V5 / 00) aspects. This is because:
① LED bulb as a conventional lighting, pay more attention to the overall performance of the lamp.
② LED chip on the high temperature requirements, too high temperature will have a greater impact on the performance of LED. ③ LED bulb as a conventional lighting, especially home lighting, quick and easy installation, disassembly, assembly can greatly improve the user in the maintenance, replacement convenience.
④ LED light source angle is small, in order to apply it to a variety of different lighting environment, the need for its light distribution characteristics to be adjusted.
1.2 LED bulb field invention patent application status
Involving LED bulb technology utility model patents are mainly domestic applications, the number of foreign applications is very small, and the invention patent through the national patent office of the substantive review.
Therefore, the analysis of the invention patent is easier to see the current status of technological development. The main source of the invention patent application country China's enterprises and individuals in the field of LED bulb technology dominated the invention patent applications accounted for 78% of the total, followed by China Taiwan, Japan and the United States.
But the statistics of mainland applicants, Taiwan Province, applicants and foreign applicants have lower license rates, lower than the overall license rate of Chinese invention patents.
The main reason for the analysis of LED bulb technology is mainly in the structure of the lamp, and the overall structure of the bulb is simple, you want to make high-tech innovation is more difficult.
Through the comparison of the technical contents of some patent documents, it is found that the patents in this field are mostly combinations of the prior art, and most of them are related to the invention of mechanical structure, and the technical effect is predictable. According to the present patent law, Stipulates that the corresponding lower rate of patent licensing is also reasonable.
In view of the low authorization rate, the author suggests that the relevant enterprises and individuals should pay attention to the prior art search before application, avoid duplication of application of the same technical content and patent application with lower quality. On the other hand, Should be good at using the invention patent and utility model patents in the evaluation of the differences in the standard, targeted applications, so as to more effectively protect the technological innovation.