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LED Bulb With Energy Saving

LED high-power bulb because of energy saving, environmental protection, longevity and other characteristics of the market is considered broad prospects, relative to the LED low-power bulb, LED Bulb high-power LED bulb light source concentration, higher efficiency, LED Bulb brighter brightness. But the LED high-power bulb is still blurred positioning, cooling difficulties and other issues, then the development so far, LED high-power bulb status and prospects? What are the irreplaceable advantages, what are the shortcomings? Where is the future improvement and direction of development? This issue, let us together on the LED high-power bulb asked.

When it comes to LED high-power bulb marketing, "cost" is an absolutely not around the topic. LED Bulb Limited by the cost of LED chips and packaging costs, high prices have become an important reason to prevent the outbreak of LED high-power bulb demand, at present, the market high-end LED high-power bulb price of 4 yuan / W, conventional product price 1 -2 yuan / W. In recent years, due to LED chip and packaging costs dropped significantly, LED lights and energy-saving lamps are rapidly narrowing the spread, LED high-power bulb prices also appeared to fall, LED Bulb but to enhance the price is still high-power LED bulb production Business imperative.

LED bulb is the appearance of people have been accustomed to the shape of the bulb - spherical, the internal light source is selected LED chip. LED in the light principle, LED Bulb energy saving, environmental protection level are far superior to traditional lighting products.

LED bulb lighting is the largest market is the civilian market, LED Bulb so LED bulb is a new alternative to traditional incandescent light bulb green light,LED Bulb but in its wide application of the status quo then there have been some problems, no matter how good quality work, LED Bulb the total There will be some problems to understand these issues and deal with these issues will help to better use LED light source.

In the lamp heat conduction design, LED Bulb many engineers will habitually pursue the high thermal conductivity of the thermal medium (silicone grease, LED Bulb phase change material, graphite sheet, LED Bulb silicone pad, etc.), but ignored the light board PCB, LED Bulb thermal medium and heat between the body Thermal resistance and effective contact surface. Good heat conduction channel should be to reduce the PCB - thermal medium, thermal medium - heat resistance between the heat dissipation and increase the effective contact between the three,LED Bulb on the basis of the choice of a higher thermal conductivity of some of the thermal medium will not Resulting in cost and waste of resources.