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LED shot lamp due to take solid glow II level tube for light of glow way, life main depends on solid LED light and drive thermal part, 2012 LED light life has reached 100,000 hours above, with LED technology of constantly development and application of large universal, in drive and thermal aspects also basic reached more ideal of State, city sale of quality LED shot lamp life basic reached 10,000-50,000 hours, almost is General halogen shot lamp of 10-50 times. LED lighting products saving over 80%, almost maintenance-free, there are no regular replacement of part of the problem, about half down costs can in Exchange for cost savings. Green semiconductor light source, light, soft, spectrally pure, eye protection and health in favour of workers.

Range of application

LED shot lamp main is for decorative, and commercial space lighting and building lighting,, with LED technology of development and progress, market Shang of LED projection lamp performance advantage very highlight, used high purity aluminum reflection Board, and beam most precise, and reflection effect best; symmetric type narrow angle, and wide angle and the non-symmetric, distribution light system, and projection lamp are with scale Board, people can according to scale convenient adjustment irradiation angle. In addition, in order to facilitate the maintenance, LED open behind the projection lamp replacement light bulbs. Lighting decoration class, LED flood lights to achieve the gradient, transition, color flashing, alternating random Flash, gradients, and Chase, scanning and other dynamic effects. LED projection lamp and LED water Xia lamp, and LED to buried lamp, and LED wash Wall lamp, can independent using, also can interactive using, to produced more variable of effect, and LED projection lamp main for monomer building, and history complex outside wall lighting, and green landscape lighting, and building within light outside through lighting, and advertising brand lighting, specifically facilities lighting, and bar, and Ballroom, entertainment atmosphere lighting,, market development prospects considerable.