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Production Process

1, cleaning: ultrasonic cleaning PCB, LED bracket, and dry them.

2, rack: LED tube (wafer) after the silver on the bottom electrode for expansion, the expanded core (wafer) placed on the thorn Crystal table, under a microscope with thorn c-pen will die one by one installed on the PCB or LED brackets on the appropriate pad, followed by sintering silver adhesive.

3, welding: wire or gold wire welding machine on the electrodes connected to the LED die, for current leaders. LED directly mounted on the PCB, wire welding machine is usually adopted.

4, packaging: through glue, epoxy the LED tube-core and wire protection. Glue on the PCB Board, has strict requirements for curing gel shapes, which is directly related to the brightness of backlight products. This process will also assume the phosphor (white LED) task.

5, welding: If the backlight is the use of SMD-LED or other packaged LED, before the Assembly process, needs to be LED soldered to the PCB Board.

6, cut films: punch required for cutting back light diffusion film, reflective film.

7, the Assembly: according to drawings, backlight materials manually installed in the correct location.

8, test: check the backlight uniformity of optical parameters and light is good.

9, packaging: product packaging, storage as required.