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Spot Light Choose The Right One

If you feel that your Spot Light home is bright, do not need to be as good as shops, then spotlights in the province of electricity, brightness, life, use convenience, are more advantages than ceiling lamps.

Later, we will also mention how to choose the appropriate spotlights.

Spotlights are originally Spot Light installed in the back of the ceiling, just as useless decoration, the sofa on the dazzling, television reflective.

And this time, we are talking about-using the lamp to replace the ceiling light!

In order not to glare, the Spot Light ceiling lamp has a soft light cover.

Such a light compares "meat", the lamplight all things are miserable appearance, the pros and cons at a glance.

Ceiling lamps are usually in the middle of the house, shining on the ceiling, but the furniture items on the ground are not clear, especially the corners, Spot Light more light.

As people move around, the shadows Spot Light are easily blocked from sight, even more inconvenient.

And the spotlights can point where to hit, no lighting dead corners, light downward, the ceiling hidden in the shadows, but also can raise the layer high.

Tough light brings rich lighting Spot Light changes, not only the home more drama on the stage of the feeling, even a better look at the auto portrait!

Spotlights not only can be used Spot Light as auxiliary, but can replace the main lamp more comprehensively.

Do not like ceiling lamp and chandelier what to do? Remove them, all to the spotlights.

Now the lamp and the spotlights are all Spot Light used LEDs, and there is no difference between them.

The light emitting angle (beam angle) has 15 °, 30 °, 45 °, 60 ° and even 120 °, 180 ° choice, the beam angle is big, namely astigmatism.

The light beam angle is small, i. e. Spot Light concentrating.

Mild astigmatism, mainly used for Spot Light illumination, and concentrating more hard, suitable for illuminating specific items.

Of course, in order to buy Spot Light convenience, you can also surf the internet search for "downlight" or "Spotlights light", both refers to the same thing.

Such spotlights need to tie in with the ceiling, the dark outfit is super simple, direct inlay to the ceiling of gypsum board.

The current LED spotlights can Spot Light do ultra-thin, 5~7 cm thick ceiling can be used, do not have to be like the traditional ceiling to hang 13 cm, living ate a large part of the layer high.

The ceiling, and then the dark-mounted spotlights evenly distributed, can illuminate every corner of the room, absolutely not as the ceiling lamp has dim corners.

A 3x4 meter, 12 square meters of a small huxing living room, 6 spotlights can be photographed full of permeability.

It is equivalent to dispersing the lamp of the ceiling, so that the lights are even more evenly, and will not increase the electricity charges.

But do not intend to do the ceiling, Spot Light dark-mounted spotlights will not be sent to come in handy.

In addition the dark-mounted lamp has a kind of cow eye lamp, can adjust the light angle, also can realize "where to beat".

Ming-mounted light can be understood to reduce the ceiling lamp, not mounted ceiling can also achieve the effect of spotlights.

Like the entrance hall porch, corridor, is specially suited for Ming-mounted lamp to demonstrate their prowess.

At home do not need to see everywhere is particularly clear, there is a bright dark more can create a great atmosphere, but also highlight the special beauty of the corner of the family.

Narrow passage, more suitable Spot Light for light beam angle small spotlights, can see the ground will not fall.

can also use the spotlights directly to illuminate the decorative paintings on the walls, and the long black corridor will not be boring.

Track of the light is used for conductive, there are two conductive rails hidden in the orbit, the shooting lamp to the track can be lit, the lamp replenishment, Spot Light demolition lamp is particularly convenient.

Installation of the orbit does not need to ceiling, directly on the ceiling on the line, the way of the wire is also the same as the ceiling lamp.

Specially suited to the living room and dining room space use, the room in favor of each side of the wall to walk a track, not only can illuminate the whole room, but also can focus on the coffee table, edge several, plants, ornaments