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Spot Light Decorative Lights

Spotlight in the impression of most people are optional decorative lights, Spot Light the sofa on the dazzling, television reflective. Today Xiaobian to subvert everyone's understanding, Spot Light and we explore how to use spotlights instead of ceiling lamps and chandeliers, fun home lighting.

Everyday we often find that, because the ceiling, Spot Light chandeliers are usually installed in the middle of the house, the home corner is generally no light, and even shadow shadow line. Spot Light And spotlights can be free to change the direction of light, so that lighting is not dead.

Spotlight is a directional light of the lighting, spotlights light angle of 15 °, 30 °, 45 °, 60 ° or even 120 °, 180 ° choice, beam angle is small, Spot Light we often say that the condenser, and Beam angle is large, it is astigmatism. Soft astigmatism, can be used for the main lighting, condenser is used to highlight the specific items.

Dark spotlights must be combined with the ceiling, Spot Light spotlights can be directly embedded in the ceiling of the gypsum board, evenly distributed, can make home lighting without dead ends.

Ming installed a certain degree of light can be said to be a small version of the ceiling. And dark clothing spotlights, the installation of light can not be installed directly to achieve the effect of spotlights.

Track spotlight as a member of the family of light, Spot Light in addition to the characteristics of the spotlight, Spot Light the highlight is that it needs to be installed in a dedicated rail (three or four lines), according to the actual lighting needs to adjust the lamp on the track s position. In the application, the track spotlights are generally horizontal 355 °, vertical 90 ° to adjust the projection direction, projection is very flexible, suitable for living room dining room open space, play the main lighting effect, Spot Light but also can focus on lighting the home decorations The

From the light source point of view, downlight can be installed incandescent bulbs and energy-saving lamps, incandescent lamps when the yellow light, Spot Light and when installed energy-saving lamps can be either white or yellow. But the downlight is fixed, the light source can not be changed, the spotlight can.

Under normal circumstances, Spot Light the higher the overall height of the downlight, the higher the requirements of its ceiling depth, usually point of view, all the long after the extension of the lamp in the 10 cm to 13 cm between the ceiling and ceiling installation requirements as long as 6 to 8 centimeters or so.

Downlight in the lighting are auxiliary type of lighting, Spot Light only the main lighting, and can not adjust the light source angle, generally used in the aisle, Spot Light bedroom circle and living room circle. Home decoration used in the spotlights inlaid spotlights and exposed spotlights two, generally used for living room, bedroom, TV backdrop, shoe and so on.