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Spot Light Effect

Spotlight is a typical no main lights, no scale of the modern genre lighting, Spot Light can create indoor lighting atmosphere, if a row of small spotlights combined, Spot Light the light can change the wonderful pattern. As the small spotlights can freely change the angle, Spot Light the effect of combined lighting is also ever-changing. Spotlight light soft, elegant, it can also be local lighting, contrast atmosphere.

The difference between spotlight and downlight

Downlight and spotlights Many people are confused, Spot Light do not know what the difference between these two types of lights, to apply to the home or business location, and the effect of the application of what is different. Simply put, the downlight is a kind of lamp with a relatively bright light, usually used for general lighting or auxiliary lighting; spotlight is a highly condensed lamp, Spot Light its light exposure is Has a specific target. Spot Light Mainly for special lighting, such as emphasizing a very tasteful or very innovative place.

Whether it is spotlights or lights, have their own advantages. Spot Light Purchasers can choose the right lighting according to the needs of the place, the required function.

As shown in Figure 1, the maximum dimensions of the plastic parts are 69.30 mm x 67.0 mm x 54.26 mm, the average plastic plate thickness is 2.0 mm, the plastic parts are 35 g, the material is LCP-T130, the fire rating UL94-V0, shrinkage of 0.35%.

LCP plastic raw materials full name LIQUID CRYSTAL POLYMER, Spot Light the Chinese name liquid crystal polymer. It is a new type of polymer material, in the molten state generally show liquid crystal. This kind of material has excellent heat resistance and molding performance. Liquid crystal aromatic polyester in the liquid crystal because of its macromolecular chain is oriented, it has abnormal regular fibrous structure, special performance, product strength is very high, and no less than metal and ceramics. Tensile strength and bending modulus can be more than 10 years to develop a variety of thermoplastic engineering plastics. Mechanical properties, Spot Light dimensional stability, Spot Light optical properties, electrical properties, chemical resistance, flame resistance, good workability, good heat resistance, low thermal expansion coefficient. The monomers used, the prepared liquid crystal polyester performance, processing and price are also different. Choose the filler is different, Spot Light the amount of filler added also affect its performance.

LCP weather resistance, Spot Light good radiation resistance, with excellent flame resistance, can extinguish the flame and no longer continue to burn. Spot Light Its combustion level to UL94V-0 level. LCP plastic raw materials is one of the best special safety of fire safety. LCP plastic materials have excellent electrical insulation properties and outstanding corrosion resistance.

Plastic parts of the appearance requirements are not a variety of injection defects, Spot Light from the product map can be seen, plastic parts of the four sides of the existence of concave, the need for lateral classification and core pulling, four-sided slider is a large slider, Spot Light Between the block and the design of the sub-line have a certain degree of difficulty. Spot Light Plastic parts of the flatness of not more than 0.05mm, spotlight bracket is a complex shape of industrial products, the size of the need to have a certain degree of accuracy, Spot Light size should not be poor, the entire plastic parts shall not be deformed.

It should be noted that the spotlights generally can not be used for close exposure of wool fabrics, can not be close to the flammable obstacles, Spot Light or easily lead to fire. Although the spotlight power consumption, but in the appropriate location it has a very different embellishment effect. Spot Light There are colorful lights and decorative lights do not have the flavor.