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Spot Light More Extensive

Downlight is one of the most popular LED lighting products in the lighting industry in China. The spotlights as a typical no main lights, Spot Light no scale of the modern genre lighting, Spot Light can create indoor lighting atmosphere. Soft light, can play a leading role in the overall lighting, but also local lighting, contrast atmosphere, but also the darling of lighting design.

Residential area because of its spatial limitations, Spot Light are generally relatively low, so the choice of downlight generally preferred small size, low power downlight, because such small, low-power lamps are more suitable for installation in a smaller space , Small ceilings in the private space, Spot Light clean and beautiful, will not destroy the space integrity, Spot Light easier to shape the space atmosphere.

For the home of the downlight, the general proposed embedded installation, because the installation of lamps will make the already small space seems messy and oppressive, Spot Light causing damage to the beauty of space.

In the public places used in the downlight according to the optical characteristics are divided into wide light angle and narrow light angle of two types. Spot Light Intuitive performance for the smooth, are to provide basic lighting for the space.

This type of downlight is more suitable for installation in the corridor channel and other people flow more intensive, because of its bright side, will not cause shadows, Spot Light ore conducive to enhance the brightness of space.

 Spotlight is a typical without the main lights, no scale of the modern genre lighting, can create indoor lighting atmosphere, Spot Light if a row of small spotlights combined, Spot Light the light can change the wonderful pattern. As the small spotlights can freely change the angle, the effect of combined lighting is also ever-changing. Spotlight light soft, elegant, it can also be local lighting, contrast atmosphere.

 The difference between spotlight and downlight

Downlight and spotlights Many people are confused, do not know what the difference between these two types of lights, to apply to the home or business location, and the effect of the application of what is different. Spot Light Simply put, the downlight is a kind of relative to the ordinary lighting fixtures more condensing lamps, generally used for general lighting or auxiliary lighting; Spot Light spotlights is a highly condensed lamps, Spot Light its light exposure is Has a specific target. Mainly for special lighting, such as emphasizing a very tasteful or very innovative place.

Whether it is spotlights or lights, Spot Light have their own advantages. Purchasers can choose the right lighting according to the needs of the place, the required function.

Spotlights can be placed in the ceiling around the top of the furniture, walls, wall skirts or skirting. Light direct exposure in the need to emphasize the artifacts on the home to highlight the subjective aesthetic role, to highlight the unique, Spot Light unique environment, rich layers, rich atmosphere, colorful artistic effect. Spotlight light soft, elegant, both on the overall lighting from the leading role, but also local lighting, contrast atmosphere.