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Spot Light Processing Performance

Spot Light The lamp bracket product picture shows, the biggest shape size of the plastic parts is 69 30mm plastic piece average glue thickness 2.0mm, the plastic piece quality is 35 grams, the material is LCP-T130, the fireproof grade Uln-40, the shrinkage rate is 0.35%.

LCP Plastic raw materials Liquid crystal Polymer, Chinese name liquid crystalline polymers. It is a new type of polymer material, Spot Light in the molten state of general liquid crystal. This kind of material has excellent heat-resisting property and molding process performance. Liquid crystal aromatic polyester in liquid crystal State because of its macromolecular chain is oriented, it has abnormal structured fiber-like structure, special performance, product strength is very high, and as much as metal and ceramics. Tensile strength and bending modulus can be more than 10 years to develop a variety of thermoplastic plastics. Mechanical properties, dimensional stability, optical properties, electrical properties, chemical resistance, Spot Light flame-retardant, good processability, good heat resistance, low coefficient of thermal expansion. The properties, processing and price of the liquid crystalline polyester are different with the monomer. The different fillers and the amount of fillers also affect its performance.

LCP's weather resistance, radiation resistance is good, with excellent flame-retardant, Spot Light can extinguish flames and no longer continue to burn. Its combustion level reached $literal level. LCP plastic material is one of the best fire safety specialty plastics. LCP plastic material has excellent electrical insulation properties and has outstanding corrosion resistance.

The appearance of plastic parts is not required to exist in various injection defects, from the product diagram can be seen, plastic parts 4 direction of the side concave, need to be divided into the side and the core, 4 of the slider are large slider, the coordination between the slider and the design of the line is a certain difficulty. The flatness of the plastic parts shall not exceed 0.05mm, Spot Light the lamp bracket belongs to the complex shape of industrial products, its size coordination needs to have a certain precision, the size must not be ultra bad, the entire plastic parts shall not appear deformed.

2.1 Type Cavity Quantity

Plastic parts structure is more complex, 4 direction of lateral core, so only 1 out of 1 cavity layout. Mould design drawing, mould embryo is DCI4040.

2.2 Design of the pouring method

The perimeter of the plastic parts is surrounded by 4 of sliders, and the bottom of the slider cannot be molded. Use the top face of plastic parts 3 o'clock glue, the gate is the point gate.

Design of 2.3 lateral core-pulling system

After analysis, 4 pieces of the largest core pulling distance of 15mm, 4 of the slider all using Oblique Guide column core, see die design drawings.

2.4 Cooling System Design

Mold design a good cooling system, before and after the mold of the water hole diameter of ten mm, the slide of the water diameter of 8 mm, see die Design fig. 2.

2.5 Ejection System

The top of the plastic piece depends on the ejector ejection, as shown in Fig. 4.

2.6 Mould Material

LCP Hardness, mold molding temperature is high, mold wear is also greater. Before and after Die Renhe 4 pieces of material selection 8407, heat treatment Hrc48.

2.7 Injection Molding matters

LCP molding temperature is high, the mold needs to use high-temperature rubber ring. The forming conditions refer to as follows: Forming temperature 300, mould temperature 100, LCP has good fluidity, so its filling time is relatively short, and curing speed is relatively fast, so the injection speed is easy to get good results. So you can get a shorter molding cycle.