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Structure And Composition

LED lights consist of housing, led, aluminum, driven, and analyzed as follows:

LED lamp housing: paint, plating two shell package includes light cover, lamp cups, base, aluminum plate, lens, screws for MR16,GU10 Lotus-like, beautiful, generous and good heat dissipation.

LED spotlight bulb: six-pin RGB, spotlights special Red: 40lm green light: 60lm Blu-ray: 15lm are 350 mA current.

LED shot lamp drive: global General entered voltage (220V) constant flow output, guarantee power LED using of security power factors high, is greater than 0.98 above isolation power isolation voltage for 3000V had temperature protection, short-circuit protection, open protection can drive all 3W of LED (including red and yellow) using ceramic capacitor, long life design, up 50,000 hours high reliability whole lamp can through Ann rules test, isolation voltage reached 3750V, can through EMC test volume small 24mm *18mm, owns the patent with the United States.