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What Matters Need Pay Attaention When Install Led Bulbs?

    In order to improve the light output ratio of the lamp, the reflector tends to adopt a block panel reflector which is conducive to reducing the light source and the multifocal reflector satisfying the special lighting requirements. The surface treatment of the reflective surface tends to adopt new materials and new technology, To obtain a reflectance of more than 96%. In order to reduce the weight of lamps and reduce the consumption of metal materials, lamp shell will be high temperature, high mechanical strength, anti-aging plastic shell direction.

    At present, the application of LED bulbs more and more widely, in the use of the installation process, LED bulb has many need to pay attention to the place. Today and everyone to share with the LED bulb installation attention to some of the matters

Bubble Installation Note:

   1. Considered the lamp power is relatively large, the power line should be based on the actual power to select the appropriate power line and phase-powered.

   2. The lighting work environment temperature should be between -25 ℃ and~ +45 ℃. The temperature of the workplace must not exceed 45 ° C to ensure lamp life.

   3. In order to the design of the lamp waterproof and moisture-proof, the protection level could up to IP65. Although it could withstand the test from the rain down but can not immerse in the water work, the protection level is not up to underwater work requirements.

   4.The location of the installation of lamps must have a large enough capacity, its affordability should be able to withstand more than 10 times the weight of the driver.

   5. The lamp working power is high-voltage AC, should be far away from the crowd that easy to reach the place, and do a good job grounding lamp,and must have ground wire.

   6. The lamp is a power type equipment, and is very sensitive to the ambient temperature.when the working environment temperature is higher than 45 ℃ ,its life will be significantly reduced, and accompanied by signs of serious signs of light failure. So the lamps should be placed in a ventilated place to keep the lamp has a relatively good thermal environment conditions.