LED Solar Flood Light, 30W 50W Waterproof Security Solar Powered LED Flood Lights Outdoor For Home,Garden,Garage

LED Solar Flood Light, 30W 50W Waterproof Security Solar Powered LED Flood Lights Outdoor For Home,Garden,Garage
Product Details

LED Solar Flood Light, 30W 50W Waterproof Security solar powered LED flood lights outdoor for Home,Garden,Garage

Item No.




Solar panel

12V 20W

Rechargeable battery

lithium8AH 12V

Color of LED

warm white / white 

Type of LED

High  Power  LED 1W

Q'ty of LED


Lamp Luminous Flux(lm)



8 hours

wire lead

5m with plug


over charge /discharge protection



beam angle


tolal unit weight


light mode


case quantity



1.Aluminium alloy die cast sheel, good strength,high quality heat dissipation.anti corrosion and baking varnish surface,can be for outdoor using.

1.High efficiency and low consumption solar led flood lights can save 70% power compared than incandescent light

2.No flickering,No UV,No infra-red radiation. Environment-Friendly and Healthy

3.Waterproof lamp fitting with IP65

4.Non-electromagnetic interference and radiation.

5.Make a dedicated luminous intensity distribution design via the aluminium reflector



2.Gymnasium,Sports Stadium Lighting

3.Garage Lighting,Gas Station

4.Highway Lighting,Station,Dock Lighting etc

The installation instructions

1.Solar floodlight lamp must be installed on the ample light and solar panels to meet smooth throughout the day not cover the shadow. Solar panel toward the south.

2.Turn the switch to OFF,press “0” as the photo one.Connect the flood light and the solar panel,as the photo two.

Maintenance instructions

1. Regularly clean the flood light and solar panels to keep the lamps is in good solar battery charging function

2.Regularly clean the glass of flood light to keep good transmission of light.
3.Regularly clean the shell and radiator, in order to keep good heat dissipation performance.

4.Be careful not to use water or strong corrosive solution for cleaning, had better use dry cloth.

Quality assurance,after sales service

All the our products with 2 years warranty built-in constant-current power supply and led light source.Under the condition of normal use, quality assurance is based on the proper storage, installation, use and maintenance of products; Due to improper installation, violation of products operation procedures, and cause the product damage, do not belong to this warranty scope; To the quality problem of the quality guarantee period, our company will choose to repair, replace during the warranty period (parts) or replace method such as new product solutions; More than the quality warranty period will charge appropriate materials,Artificial cost.